UADBB “Lagedra” was registered on 04 January 2001 as a company of insurance brokers of Lithuanian capital, which specialises in the field of insurance and risk management according to awarded licence of state insurance supervisory commission. Founders and shareholders of the company are legal persons, who acted in insurance market as professional employees of various insurance companies until 2001.  Shareholders of the company have managing positions. They also actively participate in everyday activity of the company by performing insurance mediation functions and it shall ensure our clients the attitude of the owner to the problem of each client. Currently the company employs 11 employees, 6 of them had passed qualification examinations on insurance brokers and this shall enable them to perform insurance mediation functions at insurance brokers’ company in accordance with the order established in Article 151 of Law on Insurance of the Republic of Lithuania. Experience of our staff in the field of insurance is from 3 to 14 years. All have not less than higher education in various fields. After 14 years of implementation of the activity, we had firmly entrenched behind in one of thirty positions of the list of Lithuanian companies of insurance brokers (currently about 100 broker companies are operating in Lithuania), and currently we are one the largest insurance broker companies in western Lithuania. UADBB “Lagedra” actively collaborates with all insurers, who perform their insurance activity in Lithuania, also it has partners in foreign countries, so under necessity, risks of our clients may be trusted not only to Lithuanian insurers but to foreign as well. Our clients are production, trade and service companies operating in various fields as well as natural persons. Especial experience was accumulated in the field of international and local carriage, logistics, wood production and processing, food industry, real estate and building and other business sectors’ insurance. We have successfully participated when insuring risk of large scope, in building projects, where the funding is assigned by structural funds of European Union. Increasing and more active influence and benefit of the broker in the relationship of insurance business was also noticed by natural persons, who apply to UADBB “Lagedra” more frequently for conclusion of insurance contracts and administration of damage. Increasing scopes of insurances of natural persons not only demonstrate consciousness of people and demand of insurance services, but also qualitative evaluation of our work.

Since we are the company, registered in Klaipėda сity, we also think, that business shall take part of social responsibility for sports, arts, health and culture of our region. According to our opportunities, we do not refuse to support events of the mentioned fields. Therefore, our clients may rejoice at not only qualitative services but also that they indirectly contribute to support of fields that are relevant to our country.